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About Andrew:
I’m Andrew Saltman and I’ve worked in the sports business, tennis business, politics, and finally sales (real estate and mortgages).  We have been selected as a top 3 mortgage company in the area for several years now.  I guess you could say I am an entrepreneur and love leveraging technology to make life and business easier.  I was born in Trenton, New Jersey in 1980 and graduated high school in 1999 from the Hun School of Princeton. I decided to take my talents to the University of Tampa at the Sykes Business School and study finance and graduated in 4 years in 2003.  While there was President of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity for two years and the Treasurer for one.  I also worked for the New York Yankees in their Finance Department for the Controller of Finance (front office).  I travelled the globe throughout my 20’s to around 75 countries and 100 cities on a shoe string budget in hostels and young hustle.  Once back to Earth or the US, I jumped into my childhood passion which was tennis and spent five years working in every capacity at local tennis clubs from Gainesville to Sarasota.  When we bought our first home in Sarasota my wife said I had a hidden talent at this and I should get into this business and I followed that comment.  In 2010 – 2011 I began my calling in the real estate and mortgage business in tough times.  The first few years were trying times with the oddball economy and lack of training.  Finally, I met my first mentor in 2013 and business began to finally click and skyrocket.  We have now been helping families buy, sell, and refinance homes since then with great skill and have an amazing online review reputation and team to back that up.

I truly believe in the housing market and the US economy and in the safeguard of our financial guidelines in place to prevent or minimize and future downturns.  I personally feel like a pioneer in the industry and am always doing my best to maximize service and change the dynamic of our industry for the better while holding on to old tactics that still deem plausible.  I believe home ownership is still the American Dream because everyone needs a place to live. There really is nothing better than being your own landlord and being able to customize your home to your needs and your family with the ability to eventually pay that home off.  The level of wealth that can be created through the buying and selling of real estate creates millionaires and I intend to be a part of creating that wealth for all of my clients.

Our Carbon Capital Promise is to save you Time, Money, and Stress.

Carbon Capital was founded in 2014 as a new mortgage brokerage firm in Florida.  Our service consists of document collection, pulling credit, and closing loans.  All mortgage loans were created equal and it is exactly like flying as a passenger in a plane; There will always be some turbulence but we will get you from point A to point B and close on time every time.  We will save you time because we are so efficient in our process, money because of our low rates, and stress because we are so skilled at our jobs.

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