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The Lowdown on FHA Loans...

FHA Loans

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An FHA loan is a mortgage loan that is insured by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA). Essentially, the federal government insures loans for FHA-approved lenders in order to reduce their risk of loss if a borrower defaults on their mortgage payments.

The FHA program to help stimulate the economy by making loans more affordable back in the 1930’s.  We can now handle credit scores for FHA loans down to 600.  The down payment required is just 3.5% down making it an entry level mortgage option.

We’re here to make the FHA home loan process a whole lot easier, with our skills we want you to start with our FREE FHA Loan Qualifier.

FHA loans also have UFMIP and a funding fee which means there is a fee added to the loan amount as well as a monthly fee to insure the loan.  These are fixed formulas designed by FHA.

The FHA Loan Process

Here’s how our home loan process works:

  • Complete our basic FHA Loan Qualifier
  • Receive loan options based credit score
  • Compare interest rates and loan products
  • Choose the offer that best fits your goals

Why an FHA Loan?

FHA loans are the easiest kind of loan to qualify for because of the low down payment and allows for almost any credit score and credit history.  The down payment is just 3.5% compared to Conventional which will have higher down payment requirements.  It’s a great option for a first time home buyer and if you have less than stellar credit it is likely your only option.  Please contact us and a mortgage specialist will reach out to you immediately.

  • Fixed Rates
  • Adjustable Rates (ARM)
  • 3.5% Down Payments
  • Jumbo & Super Jumbo Loans
  • Terms from 10 to 30 Years

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