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The Lowdown on First Time Home Buyer Loans...


Our First Time Home Buyer Rates Are Low & Our Process Speedy!

As a first time home buyer you can typically qualify for a few options such as FHA, HomeReady, or HomePossible loans.  First of all, they offer low entry down payment options anywhere from 3 – 5% down.  Furthermore, Home Ready mortgages are a great option as well as Home possible mortgages because they offer a cancellation on the mortgage insurance, your appraisal can possibly be covered by us and more! Finally, we’ll help you choose the right mortgage option for you.

First Time Home Buyers Process

Here’s how our FTHB mortgage process works:

  • Receive two loan options based on your terms
  • Compare mortgage interest rates with options
  • Choose the offer that best fits your goals and needs

Why a First Time Home Buyer Loan?

A FTHB loan offers lower down payment options than other traditional conventional or government back loans do.  Furthermore, they are not always the best fit for a buyer but sometimes they are a good fit from time to time.  Finally, please reach out to us to speak to a mortgage specialist about your goals so we can help set you up for success!

  • HomeReady & HomePossible
  • 3% – 5% down options available
  • Cancellation of mortgage insurance
  • No funding fees or underwriting fees
  • No application fees or income limits
  • No geographic restrictions
  • Refinance flexibility
  • Primary residence only options

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